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1-1 Marriage coaching for women who want to feel better

Hi! I’m Heather

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a wife and mama of 2, and a certified life coach. I help women who feel disenchanted, guilty, and alone in their marriages. The woman who wants to stay, but her husband isn’t willing to get help. Something has got to change, but it’s not looking like he is going to anytime soon.

Well, I have great news for you. I am the marriage coach for women. I don’t need to coach your husband or ever even talk to him. You can see dramatic results in your marriage, self, and life, all by you deciding to work on your marriage. Even if hubby is not on board. I offer private 1-1 coaching to help you feel empowered, in-control, and to create a marriage you are obsessed with.

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What past clients have said:

“This was an amazing experience. Heather is truly professional. She really listens and then helps you make the transformation you want. She literally saved me from going to a place and person I did not want to be.” -K.C.

“Where to begin?!! Heather is fantastic and has changed my life with the principles and processes she teaches through her coaching. She is a beautifully balanced combination of good humor with seriousness, and gentleness with directness. I also like that she is continually growing in her field and is learning on a regular basis, herself. She is everything I am looking for in a coach.” -W.R.

“Heather truly helped me realize my value and worth. I’m so grateful for the self-confidence that our sessions have brought. The things I have learned have helped so much with every aspect of my life. My marriage is stronger. I’m able to communicate more effectively with my husband and children. My family gets a happier mom and wife, and I’m able to love myself in return.” -l.l.

Want to love better?

I know you love your spouse- but sometimes it is just so hard! I have created a free mini-workbook to help you unlock your ability to love better.

Heather Flake Coaching

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