About Me

Hi, I’m Heather,
a member of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints; a wife, mama, and certified life coach.

When I got married about 8 years ago, I honestly believed it was my husband’s job to make me happy. I quickly realized, he wasn’t always very good at it, and I wasn’t always very good at making him happy either.

Enter jobs, schooling, stress, finances, moving across the country, new careers, bad habits, different family backgrounds, and all the other things that come when you get married. I found myself pretty unhappy, and then I felt really guilty for being unhappy.

I loved my husband fiercely. We were blessed beyond measure. But the truth was, I had a lot of negative thoughts about my husband and our marriage, and I hated the way I was showing up.

So I went to work on it. But you aren’t here for my story. The truth I want you to know friend is this: Marriage is supposed to be hard. Nothing is wrong with you. If you are in a marriage you want to be in, and you simply just want it to be better, and feel better, that is absolutely in your power and I can show you how to do it.

If you want to get some help on your marriage, fill out the form below and I will be in touch soon! Nothing changes if nothing changes my friend, this is your time.