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What if I told you that YOU could change the way you feel in your marriage, without your husband changing one bit?

What if I told you there is peace, connection, understanding and greater love right in front of you just waiting for you to claim it? 

What if you believed that you were in charge of your happiness and you took the drivers seat to create a life and marriage you are obsessed with?

I get it.

I know how challenging marriage can be. I know it feels like you do all the things and now you have to do all the work on your marriage too. I know it can feel overwhelming and lonely. Besides, who are you supposed to turn to with doubts about your temple marriage? But what if there is something you can do about it, and it can even be fun and easier than you think??

Sound Familiar?

✅Did you wait your whole life to get married and now find yourself thinking, really? This is what I waited forever for??

✅Do you love your husband but struggle with the reality of your marriage right now?

✅Do you doubt your decision sometimes and then feel ashamed for thinking that?

✅Does everything seem like a fight?

✅Do you find yourself being judgmental of every little thing he does?

✅Do you wish he would change, or be different in someway?

✅Do you feel guilty for not feeling happier in your marriage?

✅Does it feel like you do everything?

I hear you.

I’ve been married for 8 years. Maybe you have been married much longer than that, or maybe you are on your honeymoon. Regardless, I have learned concepts and applied tools that have literally changed everything for me and my marriage. 

I learned that I was responsible for my feelings- not my spouse. 

I learned that I didn’t have to mirror his emotions to come across as caring. 

I ultimately learned that I did not need to control my husband one bit in order for me to feel better. Talk about liberating.

I am a success story. I did this work, and keep doing it every day. That means I can show you how too.

✅I can show you how to replace your resentment with understanding.

✅Your frustration with fascination.

✅Your fears and doubts with hope and optimism.

✅I can teach you how to drop your need to control him.

✅I can teach you that there is no right way to be a wife. 

✅I can teach you how to re-write your story and fall in love all over again.

✅I can teach you how to love and accept yourself AND love and accept your spouse.

How does it work??

If you have been nodding your head or thinking, how did Heather get a copy of my journal?? Then my coaching program is for you, here’s what you get when you sign up to work with me:

-6 months of 1-1 customized sessions to fit your unique needs

-Weekly 45 minute Coaching calls via zoom

-Complete support and access to me in between sessions via text, email, or Marco Polo 

-Audio recordings of each session that you can replay and keep forever 

-A detailed follow- up email with highlights and key moments from each session

-Action items to keep you moving forward and progressing each week

-My proven process to help you transform the way you think so you can feel better and show up how you want to in your marriage. 

The investment of this 6 month program is $3,000. 

I’ve got some questions…

Do you accept payment plans or do I have to pay the 3k up front?

Yes! I offer payment plans to help you get the coaching in a way that works best for your budget.

Does my husband have to join?

NO! I just need you. This is not couples coaching, just YOU coaching.

Do you offer any shorter programs?

No. I have worked with many clients and have found that 6 months is the ideal time to help my clients transform.

What if I still have things I want to work on at the end of our time together?

I will check in with you all through our coaching time together to make sure you are getting the results you want. If you still have things you want to work on at the end of the 6 months you can sign up for maintenance sessions.

Do you offer any additional support after the 6 months is up?

Yes, I offer a variety of maintenance session packages to fit your needs and keep managing your mind.

How do I know if I am the right fit for your program?

Do you want it? Do you want to feel better? Do you want to work on what you can control in your marriage? You are the right fit if you want to stay in your marriage but don’t like the way you currently feel and are showing up.

How do I tell my husband I want to work with you?

I’ve totally got you. It’s all in the presentation. When you jump on a free discovery call with me I will help you navigate this conversation so everybody wins!

How do I sign up?

To get this party started you need to sign up for a free discovery call with me. This is an opportunity for us to meet and make sure we are a good fit. This short 30 minute call will get you all set up for success.

Client Testimonials

“When I first came to Heather I was sure I wanted a divorce. I didn’t want to stay in my marriage. As we worked together, that changed. I learned how I was contributing to the struggles in my marriage. I learned that I really did want to make this work and Heather gave me the tools to empower me to do so. My marriage is not perfect, but I have built confidence in myself and my ability to love myself and my husband. I recognized that it was all the little things piling up that were making my marriage so hard, and Heather helped me address and transform them all. By taking a good look at myself and my thoughts I was able to totally rewrite my story into one that gives me lots of hope now and for my future. If you are on the fence, jump in. Working with Heather literally saved my marriage.” -W.W.

My life has been changed. Heather helped me become a better version of who I am. I’m no longer dismissive of the incredible things that make me who I am. I still love to make others happy, but I no longer do those things at the expense of myself. I learned how to put myself first and to love me no matter what. She helped me find the courage to finally dye my hair purple, and I loved it! Life is so much easier now that I’ve learned to believe in myself and believe that I’m allowed to have as much joy as I possible want. I was so scared to feel sadness that I wasn’t feeling anything. But now, I feel sadness, and joy, and hope. In my opinion, everyone needs a life coach, and if it’s something you decide to do, I highly recommend Heather. My life has been changed because of what she did for me, in helping me recognize my own power.” -A.F.

“I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my heart and mind. I see more of who the Lord wants and needs me to be and an understanding that it is possible. I am experiencing the healing power of the atonement as I forgive myself for my negative thoughts. I feel empowered by the love of my Heavenly Father and Savior. I feel like I am discovering who I am again.” -D.B.

Let’s create a marriage you’re obsessed with.